Orange County Recycling Campaign

Riester, a Phoenix-based ad agency, presented a challenge to us for their client’s (Orange County) recycling campaign.

The campaign addresses the positive affects of individual’s contribution to recycling and the agency needed a clean, conceptual visual to represent this. They supplied the studio with a pre-existing figural image and a rough client approved female figure.

We were then faced with the challenge of bringing the concept to visual reality and creating a finished product using both supplied and original photography.

Here’s what the client had to say about their experience working with us on this project:

Patrick and the studios always manages to turn even our most unlikely concepts into believable realities while keeping in mind our budgetary demands and time constraints. A recent team-up involved image creation for a waste and recycling campaign. Imagine our client’s amazement as Patrick conjured giant piles of moving boxes and paper coffee cups in combination with human figures. The terrific photos generated unexpected attention and awareness from our target audience, and proved once again why Zone 6 at Tonic is one of the most reached-for implements in our agency toolkit.”