Zone 6 Productions brings in the Phase One IQ 180 camera system

While I’m not typically one to tote technology and publish anything talking about megapixels and dynamic range etc, our new capture system that we received mid last week is an exception!

It’s important for our clients to know they are getting the very best in quality and versatility, now more so than ever I can state this with confidence. Last week we received our new Phase One IQ 180. The IQ 180 will in effect, more than double the resolution to our previous output.  In simple terms, that’s massive. Additionally, our current Hasselblad system will for the most part, be replaced with a new autofocus system that supports the IQ 180 digital back.

In addition to the new hardware, we’re also offering our clients some very cool viewing and image rating flexibility on the iPad and iPhone with Phase One’s Capture Pilot app. Grab the app free from the app store and try it out the next time your in for a shoot.